Stop Creating and Start Writing

Stop Creating and Start Writing

Why I spent a long time building my landing page and also this blog
Published on January 25, 2020 / Thoughts

This is the fifth iteration of my landing page, made using Next.js, Contentful, and proudly hosted on Zeit Now. I'll be honest, it took a long time to decide this stack and actually creating it, and until this moment I still have thoughts on whether I should move back to Gatsby.js or screw everything and just use Hugo or Eleventy. This is the "what stack should I use" or "what kind of design should I make" problem instead of "what should I write today", and I'm not alone on this.

Some time ago, @ekafyi asked on Twitter what stack should she use for her forever unfinished personal site, and Satya Kresna answered profoundly, "choose whatever you think is productive and quick which in the end makes you actually write the blog".

Yet I spent days and weeks building my landing page, designing on Figma, deciding what stack should I use, build the base components while learning and integrating Contentful, made an Airtable-backed link shortener just because, and not doing what I really wanted to do from the start: writing my blog.

Actually, I have a reason for this: I learn how things work by not just reading source codes but also create things from scratch. Since I rarely use Next.js, why not remake my landing page using it? Since I always markup first then design later, why not design first using Figma? Since commiting a .mdx file just to write my blog is cumbersome, why not learn to use and integrate Contentful?

I could use Gatsby with the Contentful plugin or pick a starter template to quicken things up, but I have no idea how the heck it works. Even if I use a starter template and spent time understanding how things work, I still have the urge to edit the layouts, project structures, or other things because it doesn't suit my needs. And not to mention styling things the way I wanted, like adding my logo or some micro-interactions. And it's back to the drawing board again.

I could write on Medium or, but these kinds of post just doesn't suit the platform. And I wanted to have a personal space to vent out thoughts like this. So as of January 24th, I spent my time drafting this post on Contentful while marking up the blog layout, which I have no idea when it will be finished and actually publish this post. I realize that every time I spent designing my landing page, I forget what I wanted to write.

So as a reminder and to everyone, if you want to create a blog, and by creating a blog I mean actually writing and not creating the website, stop creating and start writing.

Except for me. I'll stick with designing the crap out of my website.