Griko Nibras

Creating delightful web experiences using frontend technologies

Currently working as frontend developer at Strangelove Ventures and open source maintainer at Koding Ninja.

Previously as co-founder at a stealth startup, core organizer at SurabayaJS, open source maintainer at Deno Land Indonesia and Frontend Indonesia, also part-time Macrodata Refiner at Lumon Industries.

Inquiries via email at or via Twitter at @griko_nibras.

Recent projects

  • SurabayaJS


    Authored and maintaining landing page for Surabaya JavaScript user group, made using Next.js and Chakra UI, hosted on Render.

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  • Deno Land Indonesia

    Deno Land Indonesia

    Authored landing page made using Next.js and Chakra UI, and authored legacy Deno static package registry.

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  • Medan Agung

    Medan Agung

    Commissioned landing page for Medan Agung construction utilities store, made using Next.js, React Query, and Tailwind CSS, hosted on Netlify.

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  • patterns-run


    Collection of snippets to render logical patterns, made using Next.js and Mantine, hosted on Vercel.

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